Test and tag your electrical equipment

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All electrical equipment and appliances classed as portable or transportable now require a periodic safety check. (i.e. any equipment that has a flexible cable and/or plug fitted for mains operation).

Health and Safety is important to both Kiwi businesses and employees. This is why our up-to-date knowledge of NZ regulations and commitment to help you to stay compliant to the NZS 3760 standard, is something you can count on.

Health and Safety (H&S) is what Straightline Electrical puts first and we have put our money where our mouth is! We are SiteSafe members requiring all of our staff to have completed their H&S Passports along with specialist and advanced certification for our Management team.

Advanced technology – what we offer:

  • Inspect: Visual inspection for electrical defects such as damage or missing components and a number of electrical tests to measure earth continuity, insulation resistance and polarity.
  • Test: Electrical testing of appliances for fire and electrical safety to the required standard.
  • Tag – Pass: Compliant appliances with a customised tag to confirm the appliance has been tested to the required standard.
  • Tag – Fail: Non-compliant appliances with a ‘WARNING’ tag for your safety. We alert them to you for repair or replacement.
  • Report: Listing the number of appliances tested and failed – outlining recommendations.
  • Certification: To say the site has been tested to the standard for audit purposes.
  • Heads Up: Proactive reminder to let you know when your appliances are due for re-testing in order to remain compliant. i.e eliminate the worry about your appliances expiring because we provide a reliable follow-up service.

Download our flier on electrical testing and tagging

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